Trinity Lutheran Church

Youth Leader and Director of Music

Trinity Lutheran Church
Paso Robles, California, United States

Date Posted: 04/12/2017
Categories: Church/Ministry - Education - Other
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Position:  Youth Leader and Director of Music

Accountable to:  Senior Pastor

Status:  Full Time/Salary


Character of All Trinity Personnel:

Each person must be a follower of Jesus Christ, a person of good character and integrity, who views their position as a calling from God.  The expectation is that all staff members will encourage each other, and feel appreciated in their ministry.  They should view themselves as a valuable member of Trinity’s ministry team and will work in harmony and respect for all.  



  • The Director of Music is to develop and oversee the worship music ministry for our church, in consultation with the senior pastor and other team members, in a way that is consistent with our mission, values, and theology.
  • The Youth Leader is to develop and lead a youth ministry program for our church in consultation with the senior pastor and other team members, in a way that is consistent with our mission, values, and theology.



  • Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. 
  • Love and respect for people. 
  • Sense of humor and positive attitude. 
  • Strong people management skills.
  • Strong team player with the rest of the staff and congregation. 
  • Committed to the church's vision, leadership, and people. 
  • Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative. 
  • Experience and passion for working with middle and high school age children in a positive and engaging way.
  • Strong communication skills with both youth and adults.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with volunteers.
  • Attested musical skills and competence. 
  • Ability to organize, coordinate, and motivate volunteers.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the church year.
  • Experience with technical aspects of contemporary services: for example, sound boards, theater lights, video editing, etc.—a plus, or willingness to learn.
  • Ability in wide range of styles including Christian classics (hymns) but with a focus on contemporary music. 
  • Minimum five years’ experience as an adult leader in church related setting.
  • Willing to receive ongoing training with youth ministry.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop, and oversee youth group program for grades 6-12.
  • Further implement and oversee the children’s church curriculum and volunteer schedule.
  • Manage verification and clearance of volunteer workers with youth.
  • Effectively communicate with parents, church members, staff, and youth the calendar and program for the year.
  • Participate in the planning of youth trips and mission work.
  • Plan for and oversee the incorporation of youth in the contemporary worship service at church.
  • Act as a mentor and spiritual leader for youth.
  • Work collaboratively with the school staff and administration.
  • Oversee selections and planning of music for church worship services. 
  • Participate in the creative planning of the Sunday and special services with the Senior Pastor and worship team leaders. 
  • Foster the development of ensemble groups, youth choir, children's choir, and youth and/or adult instrumental groups.
  • Maintain a strong prayer base for the youth and music ministry. 
  • Communicate faithfully with the Senior Pastor, staff, and worship teams. 
  • Participate in the life and ministry of the church and school.
  • Develop, recruit, equip, motivate, supervise and shepherd music team leaders and musicians. 


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