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Dream Centers of Colorado Springs

Resident Advisor Couple / Single

Dream Centers of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Date Posted: 04/07/2017
Categories: Social Services
Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description:







Updated March 13, 2017





Dream Centers is a faith-based non-profit organization founded in 2011 to provide health and hope to people of Colorado Springs who are working to rebuild their dreams. Mary’s Home, a project of Dream Centers opened in 2015.  Mary’s Home is a faith-based supportive housing program that provides single mother families with the opportunity to gain supportive relationships, holistic health, life skills, economic self-sufficiency and community networks, to be able to exit homelessness permanently





Residential Advisors provide Mary’s Home relational support and basic family services, including other Resident Advisor staff support, family mentoring, family personal care, evening and weekend safety and security precautions, on-call crisis intervention and emergency management, property maintenance support, transportation services, worship services and special events support, and operations support.





Residential Advisors report to the Mary’s Home Program Manager, and work in close coordination with the Family Advocates and other Mary’s Home staff, interns, volunteers, partners, service providers, and donors, as well as the Dream Centers support staff and executive staff.





Relational Job Functions


  • Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, be a consistent witness for Jesus Christ, maintain a Christ-like attitude with people, and uphold the Dream Centers ministry in prayer.
  • Maintain regular participation in a local Bible-based church, including maintaining relationships within the body of Christ and supporting the church through regular tithing.
  • Foster healthy and supportive relationships and team work with staff, volunteers, mothers, children, partners, service providers, donors, guests and other advocates in the local community.
  • Learn, understand, and adopt best practices and trauma-informed care for the mothers and children in residency and their extended family members who interact with Mary’s Home.
  • Using trauma-informed principles and care, provide supportive relationship, Christian role-modeling, Christian discipleship, mentoring, counseling, and community activities to families.
  • Provide supportive relationship, mentoring, trauma-informed coaching, and evening and weekend support to other Resident Advisors.
  • In cooperation with staff, provide emergency crisis family counseling and individual counseling in order to assess and determine interventions that will best support the family and individuals.
  • Resource helping relationships through program and community resources, referrals, and partnerships for the wellbeing of families and individuals.
  • Uphold all ethical standards within the program through training, documentation, communications, and structure and assist with training and coaching interns and volunteers in ethical standards.
  • Act as an advocate for single mothers and their children who are homeless, raising awareness of their plight and their potential, and influencing greater community involvement on their behalf.


Operational Job Functions


  • Assure daily reporting system management for relationship dynamics, activities, issues, and incidents using on-line case management systems, incident reports and any agency reports.
  • Assist with managing facility and grounds safety and security through planning and implementation of basic safety and security protocols during evenings and weekends.
  • Assist with managing facility and grounds maintenance, order and cleanliness by performing duties as assigned, including minor maintenance and cleaning, and home reviews.
  • Supervise the daily operations of the program during evenings and weekends, addressing issues as deemed appropriate and necessary and or reporting issues to staff immediately or as needed.
  • In the case of evening or weekend care or crisis situations utilize the chain of command to follow basic communication and response protocols, and seek additional support when necessary.
  • Assist with the vehicle program, including regular driving, vehicle safety and care, adequate child seats, maintenance and repair orders, vehicle records, driver records, and insurance records.
  • Assist with the Emergency Management Plan, including emergency supply inventories, monthly fire drills, quarterly evacuation drills and community relations with service providers.
  • Participate in the coordination of quarterly staff planning sessions to develop multiple functional long-term operations schedules.
  • Participate in the development of weekly operations, transportation, and staff schedules for staff, volunteers, families, and providers including daily activities, tours, special events and meetings.
  • As needed, assist with weekly spiritual growth meetings, life skills classes, Community Nights, including preparation, hosting volunteer teams, teaching resident families and documentation.
  • Develop and facilitate monthly Resident Advisors relationship building and training sessions in select areas of interest and skill in coordination with program staff training plans and programs.
  • Participate in weekly operations and prayer meetings, weekly meetings with Program Manager, monthly Dream Centers and Volunteer training meetings, and informal meetings as needed.


Capacity Building Job Functions


  • Develop and maintain a personal wellness plan, and be accountable to others through personal and professional relationships, including staff, for self-care and personal growth.
  • Attend Dream Centers and other professional training to develop knowledge and skills in leadership, non-profit management, family and child development, trauma, outcomes, etc.
  • Serve as a communications and relations liaison by participating in Mary’s Home special events and tours, Dream Centers special events, and community networking meetings and events.  
  • Inform the staff, volunteers, families and key stakeholders about new information, expectations, requests and instructions from the executive staff in the area of residential program management.
  • Develop and maintain a mentorship research and knowledge base to continue to develop best practices for Christian discipleship and mentorship and provide formal training to the community.
  • Work with the Mary’s Home staff to provide relational and technical support and guidance to staff in design and implementation of outcome and impact studies, methods, and reports.





  • Interpersonal Communications: Demonstrates the ability to listen well, be sensitive to others feelings and thoughts, accurately interpret others language, concerns, strengths and limitations, clarify others points of view, ensure others feel heard and understood, understand and accept differences in cultural values and norms, and earns respect and trust through relationship.


  • Relationship Building: Demonstrates an open, friendly, kind, accepting and respectful manner consistently, viewed as approachable and interested in others, develops and maintains high-quality professional relationships and networks in the organization and community, is teachable and willing to have ideas, perspectives, and practices reshaped in professional development.  


  • Planning: Develops plans and goals for areas of responsibility and contributes to strategic planning for Mary’s Home. Identifies specific actions steps, accountabilities and timelines for completion, prepares realistic estimates of resource requirements, balances planning with day-to-day efforts, and standardizes work processes to facilitate effective planning efforts and outcomes.


  • Execution: Effectively manages time and priorities by focusing on highest priority tasks and working efficiently. Establishes due dates, meets dates, without procrastination, holding self and others accountable. Uses backup plans, conducts follow-up, informs appropriate parties of delays, ensures jobs are completed effectively, routinely under-promises and over-delivers.


  • Decision-making: Uses appropriate knowledge in making decisions, gathers additional information and the input of others when necessary, considers alternative solutions before making decisions, bases decision on sound logic and rationale. Advances problems towards resolution when uncertain, chooses the best alternative, makes timely and sound decisions.


  • Coaching and Developing: Creates an effective learning environment through coaching and mentoring partnerships with others in the work environment, encourages others to recognize their strengths and skill sets, uses language and actions to build up individuals and teams, facilitates learning opportunities, provides relevant high-impact feedback, is an effective role model.


  • Organizational Knowledge: Understands and articulates organizational culture and goals to affect change. Accurately explains organizational vision, mission, values, structure, services and interrelated functions. Understands and explains the reasoning behind policy and procedures. Understands, accepts and communicates political realities, and navigates competing interests. 


  • Family and Child Development: Understands and articulates program design, best practices, and trauma-informed care for mothers, children, and their extended families. Understands and articulates child development, childcare, child protection, parenting and family issues relevant to homelessness and program. Communicates and advocates for best practices in various settings.    




  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • High school diploma, bachelors degree in relevant field preferred
  • Experience in leadership, residential care, administration, property management preferred
  • Certifications / Licensing: Obtain certifications in trauma-informed care and other relevant areas
  • Other Required Skills: Proficient in office management software, management reporting tools.




  • Work hours include 7 am to 5 pm two or three weekdays, occasional evenings and weekends
  • On-Call hours after hours and on weekends every other week
  • Travel requirements include ability to travel occasionally
  • Work environment is standard office, occasional home office and residential settings
  • Physical demands include some lifting or exertion (See attached Physical Demands List)




  • Hourly. Part-time, 15 – 25 hours weekly, evenings and weekends.
  • Benefits include affordable housing and gym membership.