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Felton, California, United States

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Camp Jobs - Food Services
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Job Title:  Lead Cook

Area/Location:  Camp MayMac; Felton, California

Reports To:  Camp Operations Manager

Subordinates:  Assistant Cooks, Food Service Workers, & Volunteers                              

Classification:  Specialist/30 hours a week

Salary:  Rage starts at $23-hour DOE




Camp MayMac is a year-round retreat facility located in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. We are currently looking for a Lead Cook to join our hospitality-oriented team. We love God and desire to serve him by serving our guests. The Lead Cook will guide our kitchen staff and volunteers as they prepare and serve food for our guests. The Lead Cook will work with our Camp Operations Manager to plan and budget for all aspects of the kitchen and dining room. In addition, you will be responsible for menu planning, purchasing, preparing, and serving food. As the Lead Cook, you will supervise and train other kitchen staff and volunteers. The ideal candidate will have a heart for service, experience planning menus in the food service industry, and have a miniumum of 2-years experience working in a commercial kitchen. This 30-hour a week non-exempt position is eligible for benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and paid sick, vacation, and holidays.





  1. Maintain a safe, orderly, and efficient environment in all food service areas.
  2. Train and direct all kitchen staff in food service operations including food preparation, serving, and clean up.
  3. Provide a positive example and tone with all staff and volunteers.
  4. Provide a hospitable, service-oriented environment at all times.
  5. Initiate corrective actions with staff as needed; involve Camp Operations Manager as necessary.
  6. Inform Camp Operations Manager of any equipment or facility repair needs.
  7. Other tasks as assigned by the Camp Operations Manager.  


Menu Planning

  1. Plan and review menus with Camp Operations Manager.
  2. Plan menus according to guest specifications, including age, ethnicity, and dietary restrictions.
  3. Take into consideration cost boundaries and donated food items when planning menus.


Ordering, Receiving, & Storage of Food

  1. Order all supplies in a timely manner.
  2. Submit all purchase orders and invoices on a weekly basis.
  3. Receive orders personally or arrange for another staff person to receive them.
  4. Maintain stock in a neat and organized manner.
  5. Rotate stock regularly.


Food Preparation, Service, & Cleaning

  1. Carry out all facets of food preparation and service in accordance with California Health Code standards.
  2. Ensure that kitchen and dining room area are cleaned and sanitized according to California Health Code standards.



  1. Operate within budget provided by Camp Operations Manager.
  2. Make recommendations and receive advance approval from Camp Operations Manager for all equipment or food purchases beyond normal expenditures.


Personal Donor Cultivation

  1. Develop, implement, and maintain a personal donor cultivation and missionary support program in accordance with a plan established with the Camp Operations Manager and Cityteam.





  1. Must have a personal and consistent relationship with Jesus Christ and be active in a local Christian body of believers.
  2. Must have compatible theology on major issues of Cityteam's Statement of Faith.
  3. Must be committed to serving God and the body of Christ.
  4. Must have a teachable spirit and be committed to team participation.
  5. Must be able to function well under pressure and extend grace to those around him/her.
  6. Must be able to follow directions and complete tasks independently.
  7. Must be able to give direction, motivate, and encourage others.
  8. Must be able to effectively communicate information with kitchen staff and guest groups.
  9. A minimum of 2-years experience working in a commercial kitchen is required.
  10. Must be able to lift a minimum 50 lbs and work standing for extended periods.
  11. Must have current California Food Handler Certificate.
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