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Career Specialist

San Jose, California, United States

Date Posted: 06/29/2015
Categories: Career Counseling
Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description:



The Career Specialist is responsible for helping Cityteam clients reach their full career potential through assessments, encouragement, and establishing business interest in hiring clients.  He/she oversees the Career Room procedures, the training and scheduling of volunteers and aides, and the assessment and tutoring of students. S(he) will assist in procuring funds and materials for the Career Room, serving as a liaison with the pertinent program staff from House of Grace, Heritage Home, and Men’s Recovery. Overall duties relate to assisting individuals to successfully secure and thrive in their career path by enhancing individuals’ employability.  The Career Specialist will be involved in teaching job search techniques, resume development, and motivating all that receive services. This is a non-exempt, 20-hour a week position working 5 hours a day/4 days a week.






  1. Supervise students.
  2. Interview and assess students to help them develop career goals.
  3. Administer career assessments to formulate Individualized Learning Plans.
  4. Create, modify, and evaluate student goals on their Individualized Learning Plans.
  5. Provide instruction and materials best suited to each student’s needs.
  6. Remain current by participating in training either through Cityteam or other sources in the field of Career Training or other applicable fields.
  7. Train, coach, and monitor volunteers in execution of Learning Center strategies.
  8. Maintain all related files and paperwork.
  9. Gather data and analyze statistics to create efficiency reports.
  10. Facilitate and train residents and volunteers in CASAS Competencies Workshops aimed at preparing program residents for employment.
  11. Be informed and able to advise residents about their academics, as they relate to their employment goals.
  12. Direct students in the area of Career Planning so that their employability is enhanced.
  13. Use appropriate teaching styles to accommodate working with individuals and small or large groups.
  14. Work one-on-one with candidates to facilitate completion of assignments and ensure concepts are understood.
  15. Collaborate with candidates to design an individualized job search and career path.
  16. Assist individuals with addressing and overcoming barriers to employment.
  17. Assist participants in attaining proficiency and professionalism in job search strategies, interview techniques, personal branding, and written materials including resumes, applications, and cover letters.
  18. Supervise job search activities.
  19. Recruit prospective employers for client job placement.
  20. Recruit and cultivate relationships with local business to generate employment and intern opportunities for candidates.
  21. Network with other community based organizations to increase opportunities and meet the needs of candidates in an effort to support a successful transition and stable balance of life.
  22. Follow-up for a minimum of one year with each client to encourage job retention, progression along chosen career path, and to ease the process of transition. This may include the establishment of an alumni association as well as providing assistance with housing, budgeting, banking, child care, transportation, education, and upgrading employment.




  1. Participate in staff performance evaluation process in a timely manner as requested by the Human Resources Department.
  2. Attend pertinent meetings. 
  3. Provide program departments with progress reports.
  4. Schedule volunteers as needed.
  5. Recruit, train, and supervise volunteers.


Donor Cultivation


  1. Enlist and maintain private donors who are willing to fund the Learning Center.
  2. Assist in writing grants for companies to underwrite the ongoing expenses of a career room, including materials for students use, paid aids, funding for further training of personnel, and computer related expenses (software, updating of hardware, and incorporation of further assessment tools).
  3. Seek support from community groups.
  4. Develop, implement, and maintain a personal donor cultivation and missionary support program in accordance with a plan established annually by Cityteam.




  1. Must have a personal and consistent relationship with Jesus Christ and be active in a local Christian fellowship.
  2. Must have compatible theology on major issues of Cityteam's Statement of Faith.
  3. Must be committed to serving God and the body of Christ.
  4. Must have a teachable spirit and be committed to team participation.
  5. Must be able to take direction.
  6. Must be an initiator who can work under deadlines.          
  7. Must be willing to work with all personality types, both under pressure and in difficult situations.
  8. Must be familiar with and able to teach with applicable materials and resources.
  9. Must be willing and able to maintain required support level.
  10. Should be a mature Christian with extensive Bible knowledge and demonstrated skill in sharing practical biblical applications.  
  11. Knowledge of and ability to work with persons in drug and alcohol treatment is desirable.
  12. Knowledge of and experience in the professional community with the ability to effectively interface and establish relationships to create employment opportunities for candidates is a must.
  13. Must be organized, possess strong written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to direct and encourage others.
  14. Must be a self-starter, with good skills in information gathering and problem solving.
  15. Computer proficiency required.  Microsoft office products.
  16. Strong awareness of career and placement services required.
  17. Bachelor’s degree or training in career counseling/placement preferred.  




  • Academic Career Counseling-Understanding of educational requirements for applicable jobs
  • Recruiting-Ability to match skills and abilities with job opportunities
  • Teaching-Experience with adult learning
  • Influence-Ability to establish partnerships with employers
  • Trainer-Organizational training