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Woodstock School

Residence Staff

Woodstock School
Mussoorie, UA, , India

Date Posted: 09/26/2006
Categories: House Parent
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Each Residence Staff member will:
1. Assume special responsibility for a designated group of students. For these students, the designated staff will be the first point of reference (parent-like, Advisor-like) for all issues. Involvement could include teaching the various skills and routines to New Students, visiting in Health Center, accompanying to doctor appointments, acting as support/mediator with teaching staff, sending general information, photos, etc. to family, teaching students proper use of bathroom facilities and hygiene.
2. Build a strong personal rapport and a relationship of mutual trust with students. Spending time with students in our time is an acknowledged part of the role - i.e. inviting students for coffee or dinner - doing extra curricular activities (not so prescriptive that it becomes mechanical) but a written intention of the role.
3. Establish caring, nurturing environment where mentoring and love abounds.

While students are in residence, the staff member will:
4. Circulate frequently, looking out for problems and being visibly available to all students within your assigned unit. As a general rule, staff should be pro-active about moving regularly to all locations within their assigned area including stopping in student rooms. When there is more than one staff member on duty one should be moving around and the other should be building relationships.
5. Be responsible for such regular assignments as medication, room checks, lights out, sounds out, bed checks, Quiet Time, tuck, Check-in, etc.
6. Be responsible for occasional emergencies, real or imagined (illness, fire alarms and other natural disasters, and Things That Go Bump in the Night) and either handle them or get emergency help at night when on duty
7. Run evening Study Hall by circulating, helping with homework, keeping students on task, giving special attention to students on academic probation, assisting with learning assistance, helping students stay on task and implement time management skills, each house parent should liaise with academic staff about children and academic concerns
8. Get students off to school promptly each morning
9. Check to ensure that students meet dress code restrictions and are appropriately dressed for the weather
10. Ensure that students have required equipment when they head out for a hike or activity (especially with the younger students)
11. Escort and attend with students when there is an all-student activity outside of school hours, helping to supervise and take attendance
12. Be involved in weekend programming, leadership and participation - to include Social Activities, hikes, CARE, Bazaar, organized and recreational sports, small and large group special activities
13. Implement residence curriculum

When students are not in residence, the staff member will:
14. Take on additional duties as assigned by the Supervisor (dhobi billing, pocket money, recording OB requests, daily attendance, etc.)
15. Report concerns about individual students to the appropriate person (e.g. Health Center, Supervisor, Head of School, Advisor, and teacher) if it appears that intervention is needed.
16. Offer ideas for activities or interventions which advance the Residence Curriculum and support the overall mission of the school. Plan weekend programming, special activities and Residence Curriculum
17. Write Quarterly Reports
18. Enter Conduct issues into FA Web
19. Get involved in the school program according to specific talents and interests (taking students on hikes, tutoring or subbing occasionally, running a hobby club or program on issues such as hygiene, health, nutrition, study skills, etc.)
20. Stand in for the Residence Supervisor when assigned (e.g. attending meetings on occasion, representing individual students at case conferences or DACs as appropriate, giving tours of the residence for prospective parents and students)
21. Attend regularly scheduled Residence meetings as well as monthly All Residence Staff meetings and any special programs (staff development workshops, occasional All Staff meetings, monthly chapels, banquets and other required programs)
22. Attend, on a rotation basis, school meetings with teachers, recitals and assemblies as advocates for students