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Freedom Baptist Schools

Superintendent/Development Director

Freedom Baptist Schools
Hudsonville, Michigan, United States

Date Posted: 03/16/2007
Categories: Administrative
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Freedom Baptist Schools Position Description

Position: Superintendent/Development Director

Reports To: Freedom Baptist Schools Board

Supervises: Principal, Business Manager, Administrative Secretary


The Superintendent/Development Director is the chief executive of Freedom Baptist Schools (Freedom). He shall oversee the program, personnel, and operation of the school, representing the school and its board to constituents within and without the organization. He shall act consistent with the stated philosophy, doctrinal statement, and standard of conduct of the constitution of Freedom while fulfilling all responsibilities of the position.

As Development Director, he is responsible for promoting the school in churches and the community, managing public relations, raising funds for Freedom and its Foundation, and increasing enrollment. He shall work cooperatively with the marketing and development committee, volunteers, faculty, and administration for the advancement of Freedom.


The Superintendent/Development Director shall perform his duties consistent with the responsibilities defined in the Freedom Policy Manual adopted 08-1998.

He shall oversee implementation of Freedoms strategic plan. He shall forward the schools mission in a manner consistent with the constitution. In all cases he shall:

- Act as Freedoms spiritual and educational leader
- Maintain a positive spiritual and moral example
- Implement the policies set by the constitution and the school board
- Establish and approve procedures consistent with Christ-like servant leadership that will govern all operations of the business and education program of the school
- Make long-range plans and objectives for the growth and development of the school program
- Lead, coordinate and supervise the instructional program through cooperation with the principal(s)
- Develop and oversee a program of continuous curriculum improvement within the framework of Freedoms stated philosophy
- Maintain an active involvement in ACSI
- Organize and lead an active parent teacher fellowship
- Facilitate Freedoms advancement by board and faculty in-service training
- Participate as an ex-officio member of Freedoms board
- Participate as a member of each board committee

- Consistently and clearly articulate the mission of the school in speech and writing
- Communicate in a winsome, charismatic manner that draws people to him
- Address disagreements between individuals by encouraging them to confront each other privately before involving administration; if the disagreement is not resolved privately, then the responsible person closest to the situation will be involved, escalating to the administrator and/or the board as a last option
- Encourage positive morale among faculty and staff
- Promote good relationships between faculty and parents
- Lead parent meetings and report the state of the school including the financial report at the spring business meeting
- Represent the school for any public or legal statements
- Assist the board chair in preparing the board agendas and prepare an administrative report for each meeting
- Maintain awareness of changing needs of Freedom and Christian families in the community and recommend program changes or additions within the scope of the Freedom constitution
- Develop and maintain an effective communications program with the staff, the constituency and community

- Direct the administration team by defining goals and measures, and establishing a mechanism for regular action planning, accountability, and evaluation
- Determine the job descriptions and perform annual evaluations for direct reports
- Determine faculty and staff needs and recommend to the Personnel Committee candidates for hiring, dismissal, or those who should not receive an employment contract for the following year
- Arbitrate employee grievances

Public Relations:
- Represent the school to the public including statements to the media, press releases, and at special events
- Ensure proper use of the schools brand including proper representation of the schools logo consistent with standards and messaging consistent with the schools brand, mission, and distinctives.
- Ensure all communications (press releases, collateral, signage, newsletters, letters, etc.) are high quality, with a consistent message, well written content, proper grammar, and correct spelling and punctuation.
- Oversee the creation of marketing collateral (brochures and other promotional materials)

- Meet cash flow needs of the school
- Prevent an operating loss
- Reduce the debt
- Maintain healthy relationships with donors including regular personal communication
- Coordinate all fund-raising efforts by clubs or committees (in a leadership role when required)
- Work with the business manager to draft a development budget of projected incomes and expenditures
- Create and execute an annual fundraising plan with clear and reasonable goals, objectives, methods, responsibilities, and timelines, delegating and involving others as appropriate including recruiting committee chairpersons to lead fundraising events
- Work with consultants as needed to accomplish specialized tasks such as bond issues, capital drives, brochure development, additional training, and marketing strategy
- Maintain records (using appropriate tools such as databases) of donations.
- Provide a fundraising report to the marketing and development committee and the board consistent with the Annual Fund policy and illustrating progress toward annual goals
- Maintain a gift recording and acknowledgement system that includes prompt receipting complying with IRS and other applicable requirement
- Maintains communication with Freedom administration and marketing and development committee members regarding any fundraising issues
- Advises the board regarding the impact of policies and decisions on fundraising

- Builds and executes an annual plan for recruiting and retention with clear and reasonable goals, objectives, methods, responsibilities, and timelines
- Advises the board regarding the impact of policies and decisions on enrollment

- Complete additional tasks as deemed necessary by the board


The chief executive shall represent the school and maintain relationships with individuals and groups. These relationships are vital to the school and to the accomplishment of its mission. As such, each shall be treated as a lifetime relationship, meriting investment to keep it strong. In all cases, he shall seek ways to communicate and educate others on Freedoms mission and its distinctiveness. He shall listen empathically, hearing what others are saying including the non-verbal communication. He must show mutual respect, projecting confidence without being manipulative. He shall always use good judgment in maintaining confidentiality.

- Students (current and prospective) - be a character example, teaching Christ-like servant leadership through words and actions
- Parents (current and prospective) - educate on Freedoms philosophy of Christian education and its means of accomplishing its mission
- Donors (past, current, and prospective) - connect donation with the forwarding of Freedoms mission, making it personal; seek mutual value exchanges while preserving the identity of the school
- Churches - encourage church leaders to represent Freedom as a positive choice for parents; support and involve pastors with the students
- Community - have a positive testimony in the community as the schools chief executive and as a Christian
- Faculty and Staff - exhibit servant leadership, inspiring faculty and staff to fulfill Freedoms mission
- Subordinates - help each subordinate to succeed via coaching, helping each one to achieve full potential by crafting job responsibilities to match his talent and passion.
- Freedom Board - maintain transparent accountability, reporting progress, and implementing the decisions of the board
- The Lord - growing, vibrant Christian faith; Jesus follower


The chief executive must have the character and behavior of a leader as described in Freedoms Leadership Profile.

He must be someone who:
- Desires to minister through Christian education leadership
- Has internalized Freedoms philosophy of Christian education
- Has internalized what makes Freedom unique, our core values, our mission, our philosophy, our beliefs - our identity
- Is confident in his faith, the school, his mission, his abilities
- Always keeps a positive outlook through the ups and downs of his responsibilities

Although this is not a church leadership position, as a leader we expect him to meet the Biblical requirements as stated in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Technical Skills:
- Knowledgeable of current educational ideas
- Familiar with legal/legislative issues for private Christian schools
- Comfortable and persuasive with top executives, pastors, professional people, church laymen, business owners and managers, faculty, staff, parents, and other Freedom constituents
- Ability to encourage and inspire volunteer leaders
- Ability to work with minimal supervision
- Ability to effectively communicate via speech and writing
- Capable of effectively using a personal computer (with good keyboard skills)

Education and Experience:
He must have a post-baccalaureate degree (education administration or seminary preferred). Ideally, he shall have a minimum of ten years experience with at least five years experience in administration.


The chief executive shall be measured by performance of the responsibilities defined in this position description. Those who should have relationships with him may be surveyed from time to time, looking for evidence that the chief executive is actively performing his duties. He should be encouraged to do whats right and outcomes are often a useful indicator:

- New families (high)
- Kindergarten enrollment (high)
- Voluntary family turnover (low)
- Debt (low)
- Endowment (high)
- Variance to budget (low)
- Operating loss (low)

The superintendent/development director shall be annually evaluated by the board.

Freedom Baptist Schools Leadership Profile

This document will set out a model for identifying individuals that exhibit certain behaviors. We believe candidates that evidence these behaviors are more likely to be successful in carrying out the mission of Freedom Baptist Schools.

Backwards or Forwards?
Think about the bible characters you admire. When you think about David and Goliath, what do you admire most? The fact that the stone hit its mark and felled the giant? Or his demonstration of faith in God as a "man after Gods own heart" by his courageous words and actions in the face of a daunting enemy? Great leaders have great character and their actions consistently show it. Sometimes they are successful by human standards and sometimes they are not.

And yet for some reason we often look at the results successful people accomplish and assume that "they must be doing something right." We then "back up" and look at what they do and then "back up" again to try to discern their character. Results and outcomes are not reliable indicators of character.

Our mission at Freedom requires leaders with Christian character. Teachers must be leaders in the classroom. Administration must be leaders of the teachers and staff.

The model we look at here is forward instead of backward. We cant look directly at a persons heart - that is the exclusive purview of God and the individual (1 Samuel 16:7). Instead, we look for the evidence of character in a persons behavior - both words and actions.

Character of a Leader
What is the character of a leader at Freedom? As Jesus called His disciples he said "Follow Me." A leader should be a follower of Jesus. The behaviors of a Jesus follower stem from what Jesus indicated were the two most important commandments: first, to love the Lord and second, to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39).

Only faith working through love counts for anything in Christ Jesus (Galatians 5:6). As Jesus followers we are called to freedom, free to serve others through love (Galatians 5:13). Thus leaders who are Jesus followers are servant leaders.

How should a servant leader act? Jesus demonstrated love with humility when He washed the feet of the disciples (John 13:1-17). He commanded us to follow His example and serve each other. We are to act with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22).

A servant leader must act with integrity. David, in Psalm 101, talks about internalizing truth and not tolerating arrogance, slander, deceit, and lies around him. One who leads with integrity always speaks with honesty, even when its difficult to do so. A servant leaders actions and words are consistent with love for the Lord and love of neighbors.

We are commanded to teach. The Great Commission calls for us to teach others to "observe all that I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20).

Words and Actions of a Leader
A servant leader must have faith, and works that are consistent with that faith. James 2:17 says that faith without works is dead. We demonstrate our learning by doing what we hear from Gods word (James 1:22). Here are the behaviors administrators and teachers at Freedom should have:

Love for Jesus: Loves Him, follows Him, serves Him. Shows self control with actions that demonstrate that love.
Love for students: Anticipates and proactively addresses student needs. Develops strong relationships with students that cultivate trust. Acts with patience, kindness, and gentleness towards students. Humbly leads students by serving them and setting an example of servant leadership.
Partner with parents: Cultivates a trusted advisor role with parents. Manages communication and sets expectations. Strives to deliver education that exceeds parents expectation.
Commitment to leading and teaching: Demonstrates a love for learning and teaching. Creates a quality learning environment. Sets a direction for the organization (school or classroom) and inspires people to follow it. Balances multiple responsibilities. Overcomes difficult challenges that interfere with Freedoms success. Shows commitment to doing everything reasonable to meet goals and deadlines.
Problem solving: Recognizes problems, and then diagnoses the causes of problems. Identifies consequences of alternative solutions before making a decision. Develops timely solutions.
Teamwork: Demonstrates commitment to organizational goals. Proactively addresses conflict or other barriers to effectiveness. Works effectively with people whose background or perspectives are different.
Communication: Listens careful and attentively. Encourages questioning. Demands and provides timely, open, clear, and accurate communication. Provides honest, positive, constructive feedback. Communicates instructions and expectations clearly. Maintains mutual accountability with others.

Accomplishments of a Leader
As those who have been redeemed, we are free for life in Christ. We have the responsibility to act. We are accountable for who we are, what is in our hearts, the nature of our intent, and our actions. As humans, we often do not have control of outcomes - the outcomes often depend on circumstances and actions of others. Strong character and strong action will often lead to good outcomes. The end never justifies the means. Rather, modeling our character after Jesus will lead us to the right means, active working out of our faith will lead us to the right actions, and we must leave the outcomes in Gods hands - He is in control of the outcomes.