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Internal Audit Manager

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Abilene, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 01/21/2015
Categories: Accounting
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

To apply, please use the following link:

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The successful candidate for this job can be located in ANY CITY in the United States.  The hiring company is Operation Mobilization International.  The salary is "fully support raised."




1. Monitoring


Monitor and advise the International Chief Financial Officer (ICFO) of operational functionality and to the IAC to assure that there is independence of the Audit Function without undue influence exerted by Management in OM.


Core activities

  • Ensure that all of the Fields in OM is being regularly, according to pre described schedules, audited and that communication describing the outcomes of those audits is being reported to the identified distribution list. 
  • Oversee the Risk Manager as assure that the identified risks are consistent with identified risks or previously unidentified risks within the organization and that those risks are being monitored and mitigation efforts are underway or have been mitigated. 
  • Be on the outlook for issues raised in one Field that would have universal impact on a wide number of Fields and that has been communicated to the ICFO, IAC and to the IEC through the designated contact person. 
  • Identify trends occurring in OM that could impact or redirect the ministry as it is currently being implemented. 
  • Review the financial systems in each field to assess possible weaknesses in the systems that would compromise the system in other Fields. 
  • Develop a "partnership" with the International, Area and Field Leaders that concentrates on growing the ministry while assuring the transactions within the Area and Fields are processed according to International Accounting standards.



2. Training & Support


Identify and recommend appropriate training in order to support Audit staff in complying with good auditing practice.


Core activities

  • Develop and maintain a good relationship with accounting staff, Field leaders, and International Leaders. 
  • Provide advice and assistance (where necessary) to Fields, or Area in the fulfilment of their financial accounting responsibilities. 
  • Promote and assist in the ongoing training and development of Auditing staff throughout the organization.
  • Research ways to enhance effectiveness of finance personnel in OM by connecting with outside resources or advisors.  In this role, the Internal Audit Manager becomes a resource for the benefit of the ICFO, and the Training Group. 
  • Keep up to date with professional developments and pursue further education in the Audit. 
  • Provide input or advice to Leaders within OM when requested, to help in the legal or financial issues to determine risk and offer suggestions or solutions to address the risk issues before a decision is made. 



3. Audit Management Reporting


In order to provide the necessary reporting, the following is the process to be followed:

  • Review all audits that have been completed by the Area and Regional Auditors for content and accurate assessments. 
  • Assess the Audits completed to identify issues that would be unique to that Field, but primarily looking for issues that would have cross-organizational impact or consequence. 
  • Compile a report, quarterly, to the IAC and the ICFO identifying the issues that have cross-organizational impact. 
  • Assure that Audits are being completed on schedule and that there are sufficient Auditors to maintain the schedule. 



Core activities

  • Provide the ICFO and IAC with quarterly reports to help them understand the financial condition of the overall ministry health and identify any trends developing. 
  • Become a Partner in developing a healthy Accounting and Finance system within OM


4. Representation


Core activities

  • Represent the interests and concerns of Audit at the International Finance Committee meetings. 
  • Explain and disseminate the perspective and consensus of the IFC on relevant matters to the associated Auditors. 
  • Inform the IFC on issues that will help the IFC understand global trends taking place. 




A. Ministry involvement


Ensure you are actively involved in team life at your location when possible, in order to ensure you are ministering to others and being ministered to. 


Core activities

  • Actively participate on a regular basis in team devotions, prayer times, meetings and social functions. 
  • Serve practically within the team to ensure whatever needs to be done is done well and the load is shared around.  
  • Seek to be an encouragement to your fellow team members.



B. Support base development


Actively develop and maintain a prayer and financial support base for your ministry within the area in order to resource your ministry and that of the area with prayer and financial resources.


Core activities

  • Maintain regular contact with your prayer partners, financial supporters and sending church(es) - developing relationships that minister to them and further your partnership with them. 
  • Develop your prayer and financial support base on a continual basis by asking individuals, groups and churches to join your support team as you have opportunity.



C. Safe working practices


Ensure work is carried out in accordance with written and verbal communicated internal and external safety, environmental and country specific legal regulation in order to ensure safe working practice.


Core activities

  • Ensure that both your own and the area you are working in is kept clean, orderly and safe. 
  • Ensure a safe and correct usage and adequate maintenance of used tools and equipment. 
  • Work in accordance with verbal and written communicated safety and environmental regulations and understand and know the risks and risk assessments related to your role and duties.




Minimum preferred requirements




-Minimum of 10 years' work experience in accounting, finance or economics. 

-A proven track record of higher level Audit management, responsible for

systems implementation, review and/or modifications; oversight and

management of an Audit department.

-A proven record of risk assessment and mitigation.

-One who has reported directly to the leader of the company or organisation

as well as to the Board of Directors.  



Required knowledge




-Degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics

-OM International Policy Manual

-OM Finance Manual 



Technical competencies




-Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

-Able to use appropriate software used in OM for communication and people




Core competencies



A proven ability to work successfully with different personalities.  An ability to

achieve buy-in to proposed ideas both from leadership as well as other staff.


Primary Working Relationships With





-International Chief Financial Officer (ICFO)

-Internal Audit Committee

-Field leaders and Area Leaders

-Area Chief Finance Officers

-Field Boards as a resource when called upon by the Area Leader


To apply, please use the following link:

Please note, our application site may not be compatible with mobile devices.  To ensure that your complete and accurate application is received, we advise that you submit your application from your laptop or PC using Chrome or Firefox web browser.