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Latin America Mission


Latin America Mission
Miami, Florida, United States

Date Posted: 02/27/2007
Categories: Marketing/Public Relations
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
After 8 years as President of the Latin America Mission, Dr. David Befus, who is now in his mid- 50's, has felt the Lord's leading to turn leadership over to the next person God has prepared for this role. He and his wife are relocating overseas to continue with the field ministry. So the Latin America Mission, an 85-year-old ministry, and the largest mission that concentrates on Latin America, is now seeking a new leader.

The President has overall responsibility for the organization, and the job description includes:

* Leadership - vision setting, planning, and program direction, includes preparation of annual plan and budget, and reporting on results in semi-annual board meetings. Requires in depth understanding of the Latin context and sensitivity in how to serve the Latin Church. Sets the multi-year direction for the organization.

* Management - of personnel and material resources, 21 Miami Service Office staff, monthly management team meetings, $7 million annual budget monitoring, supervision of operations, recruit and contract staff, perform periodic evaluations of LAM service delivery systems. . Responsible for problem resolution when issues go beyond staff capability.

* Fund Raising - provide a strategic role in fund raising and recruiting. Track donor participation and maintain communication with all major donors, prepare annual proposals for current supporting foundations, prepare monthly receipt letters and quarterly direct mail appeals, and experiment with other fund raising approaches.

* Board Development - Host semi-annual board meetings, including preparation, logistics, and follow-up on board decisions. Build relationships with board members and assist with identifying potential new board members.

* Recruiting - Set overall recruiting strategy. Build relationships with key churches and colleges. Participate in and ensure adequate LAM representation at critical recruiting events, e.g. Urbana.

* Public Relations - with ministry community and support constituency. Daily involvement in relationships between the LAM and donors, ministries, and missionaries. Coordinates LAM participation in mission events and other opportunities to promote the LAM, and speaks in U.S. and Latin American churches and missionary conferences.

* Communication - written and spoken in English and Spanish, present monthly summary reports to the board and management team, responsible for semi-annual "LAM News," quarterly "Partners in Prayer," oversight of all LAM promotion and publications.

* Relational/Pastoral - inter-personal care for/encouragement of staff and missionaries, responsible for weekly MSO chapel and semi-annual "days of prayer," participate in annual country missionary retreats in four countries, and in semi-annual new missionary orientation.

The next President of the LAM is expected to lead the Mission, building on 80+ years of rich culture and tradition, in a strategic partnership with Latin American churches and associations for the evangelization of the Latin American world and beyond.

Has an authentic relationship with Christ.
Displays spiritual maturity.
Maintains spiritual disciplines.
Is sensitive cross-culturally.
Communicates effectively in both English and Spanish.
Demonstrates integrity, emotional mature, and self awareness.

Practices servant leadership.
Has the ability to cast a compelling LAM vision.
Thinks strategically.
Takes a strong role in donor development and fundraising efforts.
Willing accepts the responsibilities of frequent travel.

Has successful executive experience in program direction and resource allocation.
Effectively develops the people talent of a diverse workforce.
Confronts problems in a wise, timely and decisive manner.
Recruits, develops, rewards and retains the best available staff.
Is a responsible steward of all available resources.
Continuously implements beneficial changes in the organizational structure using current technologies and methods of communication.

Missiological Understanding
Is committed to the LAM model of holistic ministry partnership between North America and the Latin World. Is sensitive to and supportive of the distinctive LAM ethos.
Has integrity and credibility within the wider evangelical world.
Embraces evangelical efforts across denominational affiliation.

Demonstrates transparency in interpersonal relationships.
Has the ability to inspire and motivate people to work.
Develops good North American and Latin world connections.
Is comfortable in a pastoral role with the individual LAM missionary.
Has understanding of and experience in working with people who raise their own support.

The person could come from any number of backgrounds; a proven leader who already knows missions and Latin America, or a leader who has yet to learn the organization, or a missionary who knows missions and Latin America but, although lacks experience in significant leadership roles, shows strong potential. We are open to these possibilities, although under a more common scenario, the person the Lord has prepared might already have demonstrated their leadership in a similar role. Some candidates will be internal and some external; we are totally open to the Lords leading as to whom those might be.

The President will also demonstrate the following personal qualities:

Character: The person must be mature, easily admitting mistakes, open, transparent, authentic, honest, fairly self-secure, and wanting to do the right thing.

Spiritual Maturity: The person must have had a consistent and deep walk with the Lord for a number of years, know the Bible well, have a strong prayer life, is passionate about people coming to faith in Jesus Christ, and strives to live a blameless/not offensive life, and is able to teach.

Compelling Vision Caster: As the spokesperson to the world and collaborative with mission partners, churches, recruits, and the Latin America Mission family members, the President must be highly articulate, authentic and persuasive in speaking so as to
motivate effectively. The President must be a good speaker.

Strategic: One of the most crucial traits needed in the position, the President will lead Latin America Mission as it navigates the spiritual, economic, societal, ethnic and political changes within Latin America to develop "a witnessing fellowship within reach of every person." The President will maximize the effectiveness of the LAM and its

Mission Focused: While ideally the President will have been a missionary, at a minimum the President will have a heart for the mission of God in the world. In particular, it would be most helpful if the person understands the reality of missions in Latin America, including what has been done in the past, what is currently being done and what are the developing trends.

Loves People: The President must genuinely care about people, personally. This will realize itself in the Presidents style of taking time to connect with people individually, being a good listener, and having interpersonal skills that quickly makes a person feel he cares about them. The President will not be seen as insensitive, self-centered, or too
busy to be bothered by people.

Servants Heart, Leadership, Humble: The President must maintain a balance between humility and responsibility, while giving direction and leadership to individuals, groups and movements. The President must be willing do any task, is not hierarchical, and yet is good at prioritizing what is the most appropriate use of their talents.

Collaborative/Alliance Oriented: The President will focus on advancing the Kingdom of God without concern about who receives credit, willingly networking with others for the greater good, while always keeping Latin America Missions vision in mind.

Effective Cross-Culturally: Ideally the President has lived in Latin America and effectively related with people from other cultures, even having learned Spanish or Portuguese. At a minimum the President will be a student of Latin American cultural issues that has traveled internationally and demonstrated a sensitive, gracious, understanding and caring style that builds effective relationships with individuals of other cultures and languages. The President, and spouse, must be able to function well in all sorts of settings, ranging from conferences in hotels to dinners of unfamiliar food in humble homes.

Great Interpersonal Skills: The President must have a style that is highly approachable, a good listener, genuine, and transparent.

Biblically Literate/Intellectually Sophisticated: As the leader of an organization having numerous seminary professors and Bible teachers, and an organization where its people frequently must deal with different theological positions or cults, the President must have
a high view of and commitment to scripture and be and able to explain or defend Latin America Missions theological positions or practices in a credible manner.

Proven Team Leader: The President should have (this is not a "must have" but is at least a "should have") demonstrated being an effective supervisor or manager of others (has done annual performance reviews), and creating/maintaining a cohesive, motivated

Volunteers/Self-Supporting Missionaries: The President must have an understanding of and experience in working with volunteers and self-supporting missionaries, in order to empathize with what raising and maintaining ones own support is like.

Great Communicator: Representing the Latin America Mission to all sorts of constituencies will require speaking before churches, Bible colleges and seminaries, conventions, with major donor groups and individuals, and the annual Latin America Mission retreats or conferences. The President must be able to cast a compelling vision (contagious enthusiasm) that grabs the listeners hearts and minds through preaching, teaching, or speaking on topical subjects, whether with strong charisma and sophistication in presentation or a simpler, "from the heart" style with warmth and humility.

Consensus Oriented: The President will be an effective team player, involving others in decision making, knowing how important it is that everyone involved is supporting the effort.

Decisive, Confronts, Delegates: Willingly makes decisions when they have sufficient information, readily and sensitively confronts people or problems when needed, and delegates easily when people have the experience, ability and resources for the task.

Education: The President will likely have at least a masters degree and a desire to keep learning and will value continued growth in others.

Involved In Local Church: The President is someone that has as a faith that models missional and incarnational Christianity in their convictions, whether as a Bible teacher, church elder or in some other role.

A Supportive Spouse: While only the President is being hired, they will need a spouse who embraces the vision and values of the Latin America Mission and the Presidents responsibilities. The fit of the spouse should include their personality, spiritual walk, desire to co-labor in ministry with the President, a heart for missions.

A Person Of Courage: Change within any organization of long standing is bound to meet with some resistance, and with the changing world in both North America and Latin America, there are challenging dynamics regarding the methods of how ministry and funding are done. So this must be a person of courage, with sensitivity yet persistence,
willing to work to help others to see the vision and the need to change.

Continual Learner, Open To New Ideas, Willing To Take Calculated Risks, And Encourages Others To Do Likewise: Maximizing opportunity and reaching as many as possible for the Lord is not about always doing what is comfortable or maintaining the status quo; this person must be progressive and willing to try new things.