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Maryland Salem Children's Trust

Social Worker/ Therapist

Maryland Salem Children's Trust
Grantsville, Maryland, United States

Date Posted: 05/15/2008
Categories: Administrative
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Job Description: Social Worker/Therapist

JOB TITLE: Residential Social Worker/Therapist
TO WHOM RESPONSIBLE: Residential Director

The Residential Supervisor ensures the provision of a safe, orderly, nurturing and healthy living environment in Salems residential units. Direct supervision of Teaching Parents is provided by the Residential Supervisor.

I. Administrative:

1. Working with the Residential Director in interviewing and hiring new Teaching Parents.
2. Assisting in updating of policies and procedures of the agency, incorporating feedback from the Teaching Parents.
3. Giving appropriate information to secretary for weekly schedule.
4. Assuring that medical and other appointments are kept on a regular basis.
5. Assisting Teaching Parents in coordinating transportation for all children's activities.
6. Approving expenditures for childrens allowances, childrens activities and house maintenance funds.
7. Reporting any incidents of suspected child abuse immediately to the Residential Director, assuring proper reporting by Teaching Parents and facilitating investigations.
8. Functioning as a member of the Residential Team, Referral Committee, and other committees as needed.

II. Clinical:

1. Attending service team meetings, assisting Teaching Parents in writing service plans, assuring that these are properly and consistently carried out, developing intensive intervention plans as needed.
2. updating Individual Crisis Management Plans (ICMPs) for children as needed.
3. Preparing residential living section of six-month case conference summaries and attending appropriate six-month case conference meetings, making sure appropriate Teaching Parents attend.
4. Working as part of the service team during the intake and discharge process and obtaining input from Teaching Parents for admission and discharge decisions.
5. Monitoring the implementation of the motivational system, assuring that it is carried out consistently and positively.

III. Supervisory:

1. Orienting and training Teaching Parents, educating them regarding Salem philosophy and policies, especially the teaching family model and crisis intervention on an on going basis.
2. Carrying out direct observation visits of the Teaching Parents, providing written feedback.
3. Evaluating monthly card reviews.
4. Assuring that the Teaching Parents are properly meeting the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of their children as outlined by the agency, offering help, advice and encouragement while demonstrating empathy when and where needed.
5. Assuring that all policies and procedures of the agency are followed consistently in and among the houses.
6. Assuring that disciplining of the children is of a positive nature, holds to the principles of the agency and is consistent among houses.
7. Scheduling Teaching Parents' working days, vacations and other leave, approving bi-weekly time sheets, monitoring overtime hours.
8. Carrying out weekly house and van inspections.
9. Providing leadership to the development of the team concept within the residential unit.
10. Conducting regular supervisory meetings with each Teaching Parent.
11. Performing introductory and yearly evaluations of Teaching Parents.

IV. Supportive:

1. Spending time in the house every week to support the Teaching Parents and to establish a relationship with the children. Being an example and role model that children and staff can look to for guidance and support.
2. Informing and guiding the Teaching Parents in the development of games, activities, trips and other special house activities and events.
3. Being the spokesperson and advocate for the Teaching Parents within the agency, facilitating Teaching Parent involvement in agency planning and decisions when relevant.
4. Promoting Teaching Parents' spiritual growth, individually and as a team, through encouragement and discipleship utilizing prayer, Bible study and personal interaction.

V. Emergencies:

1. Providing crisis support for Teaching Parents when a child is in crisis.
2. Participating in a rotating schedule of being on call on weekends and evenings.

VI. Educational:

1. Keeping abreast of new developments in the childcare profession and communicating this information to Teaching Parents. Attending seminars, conferences and meetings of professional associations (e.g. MARFY) and reading pertinent publications.
2. Working closely with Residential Director in organizing and implementing the orientation and in-service training programs.

The Therapist provides formal therapy and case management for up to 8 children in the residential unit.

1. Providing formal therapy (individual, family and group) to children in residence at Salem, serving as liaison to children's therapists in the community when needed.
2. Handling routine communication with caseworkers and outside specialists regarding case management.
3. Coordinating case management services with residential, educational and other therapeutic services.
4. Maintaining up-to-date progress notes in child's file.
5. Providing ongoing monitoring of children receiving psychotropic and behavior management medications, keeping Salem staff and related outside professionals informed on pharmacological treatment issues.
6. Assessing childrens problems and needs.
7. Participating in weekly service team meetings and developing, reviewing and updating individual service plans as required by the referring agency, preparing therapy sections of the service plans, consulting with and training staff regarding implementation of the service plan.
8. Collecting and writing an initial service plan and a comprehensive social history for each child at time of admittance.
9. Drafting discharge plans for existing residents and completing discharge summaries.
10. Collaborating with residential services staff on milieu issues and therapy
11. Providing crisis intervention via emotional support of teaching parents and/or children in times of crisis.
12. Attending foster care review board meetings and Individual Education Plan Team meetings where relevant.
13. Preparing and giving testimony in court, representing both the child and the Salem program.
14. Providing consultation services to teachers, administrators, and/or guidance counselors in public schools that Salem children attend.
15. Participating in and leading inservice training workshops.
16. Attending seminars, conferences and meetings when needed for professional development.
17. Providing screening for resource family applicants.
18. Provide Suicide Prevention and Trauma Screenings for all children admitted to the shelter program.
19. Conduct out come evaluation for Shelter Services
20. Other duties as assigned by the Residential Dire

HOURS OF WORK: Forty hours per week, including evenings as necessary, staff retreats and special trainings.

AT WILL EMPLOYMENT: I understand that my employment is at-will, and can be terminated by either party with or without notice, at any time, for any reason or no reason. I understand that no one has authority to bind Maryland Salem Childrens Trust, Inc. to any agreement to the contrary except the Executive Director in writing.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Must have a Masters degree in social work/counseling or psychology and be licensed or eligible for licensure in Maryland, Must have at least one year of experience with childrens programs. Must keep abreast of new developments in the childcare profession, sharing with peers. Attending seminars and conferences and reading pertinent publications.

Incumbent must:
1. Understand and be in empathy with the Salem philosophy.
2. Respect and be sensitive to children and genuinely want to help them.
3. Be able to represent Salem at meetings and hearings.
4. Be able to respond calmly and with good judgment in an emergency.
5. Be able to work as a member of a team.
6. Be dependable and punctual.
7. Demonstrate Leadership qualities.
8. Excellent speaking and writing abilities.
9. Be highly organized.
10. Enjoy working with people.