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BEE World

Full Tme Facilitators

BEE World
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Date Posted: 02/10/2009
Categories: Missions
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Job Description: BEE World Facilitator


Summary Profile: The BEE World Facilitator/Teacher is a qualified and mature Christian, committed to the goals and objectives of the BEE World ministry and is willing to travel and teach a minimum of four to five times a year in the BEE World target countries.

Personal Life:
Reflects a godly maturity in character, relationships, marriage or single hood.
Demonstrates a teachable spirit and a servants heart toward others.
Works well with others and is self-motivated to fulfill responsibilities.
Adapts easily in changing situations.

Ministry Experience:
Has a minimum of 10-15 years of ministry experience.
Has extensive biblical training either through a local church, college, seminary, or mission.
Demonstrates a mature knowledge of the Bible and communicates biblical truth clearly.
Has good experience and commitment to the use of small groups and interactive teaching.
Demonstrates a strong commitment to the local church.

General Areas of Facilitator Responsibility:

Facilitate the BEE World courses* in English, dependant on interpreter.
Teach with sensitivity where doctrinal differences exist.
Maintain the integrity of the doctrinal views within a given course.
Maintain a sensitive awareness to culture where ministering.
Attend yearly BEE World conferences: Facilitators and All Staff.
Work closely with country coordinator in the development of ministry plans.
Make a minimum of 4-5-ministry trips/year.
Maintain the needed support for personal and ministry needs.
Provide trip reports as required.
Assist with other BEE World projects as time and ability enables.

Christian Commitment: This person must be a committed growing Christian with a strong involvement in their local congregation and possess a passion for missions. They must be willing to agree with the Doctrinal Statement of BEE World and be an active part of the whole team of BEE World missionaries. This would involve participating in the yearly Staff Field Conference, and BEE Fellowship functions whenever possible.

Facilitator Job Description continued

*How does BEE World define "facilitating" a course in a BEE World context?

The BEE World courses are designed to (1) encourage the growth of the student in 3 areas: knowledge, character, and practical skills, and (2) to be transferable; the courses are written in a way to enable the student to teach it to others. Central to the course design is the teaching method of facilitation, which encourages the three-fold learning process and the transferability of the courses.
The most common form of teaching used in education is the lecture method. The teacher has a particular content to present and the student listens, writes down and learns what is taught. The teacher rarely allows questions or interaction except through the form of a written test.
The method of teaching desired for the BEE facilitator is very different. It gives emphasis to the use of questions and interaction with the student and occasional short lectures. The reason the lecture takes on a lesser role is because the course material is providing the major content. The role of the facilitator is not to repeat the content of the course through lecture or to present all new material, but to help the students understand and apply the material already studied through questions and interaction.
Another aspect of this form of learning is that it is conducted within the context of a small group. There is not only the possibility of questions and interaction with the facilitator, but also with the other students within the group. In fact, the facilitator will encourage this as he seeks to help the students better understand and apply the material.
Because the course material is providing the major content, the facilitator is not required to prepare in the same way as someone who lectures. The lecture focuses on giving content; the facilitator focuses on understanding and application of the content. This way of teaching becomes more feasible for more people and encourages a broader use of the material. There are many who can facilitate a course, but only few who can lecture the same course.