James Valley Christian School

Huron, South Dakota - United States

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James Valley Christian School

James Valley Christian recognizes the extraordinary gift that God has given to you, your children, and we offer something priceless in return: an education where Christ-likeness is modeled in every area; from academics to fine arts to athletic competitions.

For over 5 decades James Valley Christian School has been training students. After several years of prayer, research and planning, the school doors opened in 1957 with a completely accredited, corporately sponsored, board run Christian school. In 1979, 7th & 8th grades were added, two years later we expanded to grades K-6th and in 2000, after a move into Huron a preschool was added.

Each teacher at James Valley is a committed Christian who desires to see the children grow in their personal walk with Jesus Christ. Teachers start every morning with prayer and lead devotions in their respective classrooms. Chapel is held weekly and challenges students to be extraordinary in how they act, think, and live.

The goal of James Valley Christian School is to endeavor to lead each student to a voluntary commitment of his or her life to the Lordship of Christ; to develop each student’s God-given spiritual, physical, mental, social and artistic gifts to their fullest potential; and to lead each student to a spiritual maturity that glorifies God.

Academically, James Valley Christian school offers a challenging curriculum that prepares students to enter colleges and universities with confidence and the ability to excel. Science is taught from a Christian worldview while helping students understand and refute the modern science that they will encounter when they study at secular institutions. It provides them with a strong basis for their faith as well, understanding God’s creation and how it was intricately designed.

Math and English are advanced and stretch young minds to reach for their potential. While teachers desire to challenge their students, they are also available to encourage and help beyond their required work hours.

James Valley Christian School has a strong arts program. From music to theater to public speaking, students have opportunities to grow, learn and develop their artistic abilities. Kindergarten to 12th graders are involved in concerts, oral interp, contests and ministry programs. Excellence is strived for and reached at both local and state competitions.

Overall, James Valley Christian School is where you want to be! Why not consider sending your child to a place that will reinforce your Christian values and challenge your child to be the very best that they can be? Call us today and schedule a visit!