Pine Lake Covenant Church

Sammamish, Washington - United States

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Pine Lake Covenant Church
The mission of Pine Lake Covenant Church began in the mid 1960’s when only a few homes set in a woodsy rural setting were present. The property was purchased on faith that someday a community would take root and that a church would be ready for the new families. The DNA of Pine Lake Covenant Church was forged by people who saw themselves always as a larger church who wanted to invest their time and resources to benefit the generations to come. Today PLCC continues this commitment to be a “city on a hill” and to come alongside those for whom God grieves, both in our local communities and globally. By the year 2020, our vision is to see growth in: 1) Outreach, locally and globally; 2) Discipling people to know and follow Jesus; 3) Intergenerational community & mission; 4) Diversity, reflecting our surrounding community; and 5) Stewardship in deploying our individual and collective resources.

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