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Remember to Smile

By: Lisa Fife

You want to make a good impression on your interview, right? WHAT you communicate is important, but so is HOW you communicate. Your body language can speak volumes about you - good or bad. One great way to make a lasting positive impression is to smile. Be sure to smile when you meet your interviewer and anyone else you are introduced to, and be sure to smile throughout the interview. You don't need to keep a big smile on your face during the entire process, but be sure to smile on occasion and remain generally happy.

Be sure to make your smiling natural. You want to be cheerful and confident, but not TOO smiley, which may come across as phony or that you are trying too hard (and you may just look goofy). Try running through a practice interview with a friend or family member, and concentrate on practicing your smile naturally.

Smiling not only will make a good impression on your interviewer, but it can also help you be confident and more relaxed during the interview. You want to leave the interview with your potential employer feeling that you are friendly and would be pleasant to have on their team. Be confident and positive, and you'll stand out among the crowd.

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