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Dress the Part

By: Luke Miller

You’ve mastered the art of the resume. You’ve presented yourself well on paper, and on the phone. Now comes another crucial step - presenting yourself in person. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so that first impression is crucial.

I was always taught to wear a suit to an interview, and I’m sure ladies were told to wear dresses or other business attire. If you’re walking into an environment that you literally know nothing about, that’s probably a good rule of thumb. Better to overdress than underdress.

However, if you can get a feel for the culture of the organization you’re interviewing with, try to dress the part. If you’re interviewing for a start-up that defines “dressing up” as tucking that t-shirt into jeans, a suit might seem too stuffy and deter from you fitting into office culture. Do a little research and figure out how to present yourself in a way that looks like it fits.

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