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  • Where do the majority of all resumes end up…the trash!  With so many people applying for fewer jobs, managers must sift through resumes quickly and that means if you don’t catch their eye right away your resume will be in the trash.   Here is what’s being shared with those that are going to be interviewing you, the human resource manager.  Below is information targeted to those that are doing the hiring.  ...   Read More
  • How to Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Clout

    By: Whitney Hopler, Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
    Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Jenni Catron’s new book Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence (Thomas Nelson, 2014). God has designed you to influence the world in a way that no one else can. It’s crucial to discover and unleash your God-given influence – your clout – in order to fulfill God’s purposes for your life. Although you may not feel like what you do ...   Read More
  • Dream big! Take a leap of faith! Achieve greatness! The motivational slogans are all around us. Success is ours if we embrace it. Strive for an extraordinary life. After all, we’re not only children of the King, we’re doing the King’s work. We are destined for great things. Or are we? Greatness – in the way it is generally understood - is not extolled in Scripture. Again and again, Jesus explained the way to greatness ...   Read More
  • 4 Questions Successful Leaders Ask Themselves

    By: Jay Mitchell, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    When I was leading classes on non-profits at a prominent west coast business school, I would regularly lead students through a SWOT analysis of one or two non-profit organizations. A SWOT analysis is a simple tool used in businesses to help organize and categorize the present situation: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You may have used this tool in your own church or organization. What I want to suggest to you is that this tool ...   Read More
  • I felt God drawing me to Isaiah 53 during quiet time today. I’ve read that passage many times and honestly wasn’t very excited about going through the suffering and sorrow and punishment again. I had hoped that God would lead me to something “positive and encouraging”, the kind Christian radio stations promote, minus the blandness. After reading the chapter, I turned to my NIV Matthew Henry Commentary for ...   Read More
  • Here are the 8 reasons most commonly given by human resource people for rejecting applicants.  And please note – none of these include your degree, your GPA or your IQ. By addressing these you can make yourself a top candidate without waiting and without getting any more student loans. 1. LACK OF ENTHUSIASM You don’t have to be a Jimmy Kimmel or a Tigger, but you must express enthusiasm for a job if you don’t ...   Read More
  • None but men of strong passion are capable of rising up to greatness.There are good leaders and there are great leaders. You are capable of rising to greatness. The key to building a great church is to be great leaders. Great leaders are in the making, moving from a good leader to a great leader.Good leaders know they must prepare themselves, better themselves, make changes, and keep growing. The leader’s desire for change will determine ...   Read More
  • I was reflecting recently on what makes a good team member…a good staff member of a church. Here are 7 traits I came up with that make a great staff person: Sense of humor – It’s critical in our office that you be able to laugh…at life…at corny jokes…and sometimes at or with each other. We have fun together and that makes us a better team. Team spirit - We have no lone rangers on our staff. We ...   Read More
  • The Greatest Legacy

    By: Stan Toler
    A television sitcom promotion included an interesting statement by the main character: "I learned about integrity from my father. He had five wives but never missed an alimony payment."  If worldly integrity is learned by the example of careless character, we are called to a higher standard. The integrity of a Christian leader speaks louder than a sharp résumé, a handful of brochures or a stack of business cards. Integrity is ...   Read More
  • To be a leader today requires more than knowledge… Especially today. Here are 7 requirements to be a great leader today: You have to be adaptable – Things change fast these days. Real fast. You must lead a team that responds accordingly. You have to be moldable – You must personally change fast too…or you’ll be left behind. (This doesn’t mean you have to change your values, beliefs or convictions. In fact, ...   Read More
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