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  • 3 Things You Can Do Today to Reflect Christ in Your Workplace

    by Johny Garner
    Recently, much of America watched as the moon passed between the Earth and the sun. Stories from people who witnessed the total eclipse described a remarkable phenomenon. Why were so many people captivated by the experience? Perhaps because it was so unusual. Usually, the moon reflects the sun’s light. Last month, it actually blocked part of that light. Rather than reflecting the sun, the moon was an obstacle to sunlight. As Christians, we ...   Read More
  • 7 Faith Lessons I Learned from My Commute

    by Jennifer Heeren
    Trust in the LORD with all your heart;do not depend on your own understanding.Seek his will in all you do,and he will show you which path to take (Proverbs 3:5-6). Defensive driving involves operating your vehicle in a way in which you can more easily anticipate hazards and the actions of others on the road. The defensive driving rules are: 1) Know the Rules2) Pay Attention3) Stay Out of Blind Spots4) Communicate Clearly5) Keep Safe Distances6) ...   Read More
  • 14 Rules for Being a Godly Employee

    by Jordan Standridge
    One of the saddest statements I heard in college was during a job interview. The owner, a Christian himself said, “I usually don’t hire Christians, they have been some of the worst workers over the years”. Hopefully, as I worked for him I didn’t encourage that sentiment. Of course, this isn’t universal. I have also worked for bosses who loved hiring Christians and were very thankful for the hard work they received. As ...   Read More
  • 5 Lies I Believed about Faith and Work

    by Kevin Halloran
    Ever since I turned fifteen and could get a worker’s permit for a summer job at a pool concession stand, I have loved to work. My work history includes time delivering mail, as a garbage collector on my college campus, in marketing sound systems, and now as a missionary with an organization training pastors in expository preaching. Even though I had wonderful Christian parents who taught me the value of working hard, I didn’t always ...   Read More
  • “What Do You Do?” The Greater Purpose of Our Work

    by Liz Wann
    I love getting things done. I feel accomplished checking off boxes on my to-do list. I’m satisfied with finishing even small tasks, like washing a few dishes in the sink. There’s something gratifying about laying my head on my pillow, knowing it was a productive day.   Our ideas of a productive day might be different, but it’s undeniable that we, as a culture, love seeing results for our work. We like the politician who promises ...   Read More
  • 4 Things I Got Wrong about My God-Given Purpose

    by Heather Caliri
    My old friend Pedro leaned against my kitchen counter, drink in hand, and asked me a question I knew I should be able to answer. “How is God using you these days, Heather?” I stared at him, a sudden knot in my throat. I did not know. I’ve always been a doer, an achiever, a planner. But having kids had made it harder to serve, and pursuing new ways to ‘use my gifts’ exhausted me. In my twenties, I had assumed the ...   Read More
  • Why There’s Nothing Wrong with Ambition

    by Clay Scroggins
    Knowing how to handle ambition as a Jesus-followers is tricky. I’ve heard some leaders say that it’s wrong to follow your ambitions, while others have said we need to be more ambitious.  I’ve seen ambition destroy leaders, and I’ve seen it motivate leaders to do the seemingly impossible. This diversity of views on this topic complicates what Christians think when we feel the hunger of ambition in our hearts. In its purest ...   Read More
  • 3 Examples of Being a Leader for a Season

    by Ron Edmondson
    I am frequently contacted when someone is debating the right time to leave a leadership position. I once wrote 10 Scenarios to Determine If It’s Time to Quit. It’s still one of my more requested blog topics. Deciding when it is time to leave a leadership position is one of the hardest decisions a leader makes. Thankfully, there are still leaders with a sense of loyalty, who want to do the right thing, and they simply do not know how ...   Read More
  • How to Protect Yourself from Work Burnout

    by Michael Lee Stallard
    The Primary Cause of Job Burnout The gold standard job burnout assessment is the 22-question Maslach Burnout Inventory  (“MBI”) by University of California, Berkeley psychology professor, Christina Maslach. The MBI surveys three areas: exhaustion, depersonalization and professional efficacy. According to Dr. Maslach, people often think the demands of their jobs are the primary contributors to burnout. Interestingly, she has found ...   Read More
  • 5 Steps to Discern a Change in Ministry Assignment

    by Ron Edmondson
    How do you know when God is closing one door in ministry and opening another? I get this question a lot and have previously addressed it, but recently I have received it more frequently so I decided to update this post. Several times in my ministry, first as a layperson and since then in vocational ministry, God has called me to leave one ministry and begin another. It can be a scary place to face the unknown, yet know that God is up to something ...   Read More