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Timeless Leadership Principles

By: Frank Damazio

Throughout time, there have been thousands of leaders – leaders of corporations, churches, families, teams, small businesses and classrooms, and they all have their own unique styles and cultures they have to relate to. But regardless of the time and group being led, there are four leadership principles that remain constant.

1. Applied Strategic Vision

Vision is absolutely essential to successful leadership. But equally important is the full implementation of that vision. As the world changes and different challenges arise, your methods of carrying out the vision should flex to meet needs and people in ways they can relate. That does not mean you change your vision or your core values (as the next principle points out). It means that you use the tools of the day to relate to the people of the day.

2. Unchanging Values

These are those things that you will never compromise. They are the undying principles from the Word of God that drive you and your church to do what they do. All strategies, ministries, events – everything – needs to align to these values. (Read yesterday’s post for more on values.) Clear values will guide you through the fluid-values culture we face.

3. Leadership Training

Ministries that endure always have a leadership pipeline that is constantly being filled with emerging leaders. People must be encouraged and released in their calling and gifting. If they are good at speaking, then train them in the art of speaking and give them the opportunity to do it. Assign them mentors and invest in them. These leaders are the carriers of the vision to subsequent generations.

4. Discipline

You have to show up and put in the effort consistently if you are going to build something that lasts. Do the disciplines of daily Bible reading, prayer, meeting with someone who can keep you accountable both in your character and your professional life, and giving your full effort at work. When we do our part, God steps in and multiplies it and puts His stamp on it. It is His stamp that assures it will endure through the ages.


This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

To read more on Pastor Frank's blog click here.

To learn more about Frank and read Pastor Frank's sermons click here.

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