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Strategic Vision Leaders

By: Frank Damazio

In 1937 a young boy named Jim stared out his window looking at the sky. When his mother came in to tuck him in bed, she asked Jim what he was doing. “Looking at the moon,” he replied. “You know, one day, I’m going to walk on the moon.”

Fast forward to July 26, 1971, the boy, Colonel James Irwin piloted the Apollo 15 spacecraft and spent 19 hours on the moon’s surface, becoming the eight person to walk on the moon.

I think people do not see grand things happen in their lives because they do not dream, imagine or receive God’s vision for their lives.

The vision God gives you is so big that it cannot be achieved by you alone. It needs help. It needs supernatural resource, teamwork and a leader who is committed to the vision at all costs.

Are you that leader who is dreaming big and expecting God to do great things through you? This kind of leader is a strategic vision leader.

Strategic vision leaders do these two things well.

1. Connect the natural and supernatural

Your preparation in life influences the spiritual provisions God extends to you. Right now, you are investing in your future. You are either building a great future or a not so great one. God rewards diligence in natural things like studying, diligence and faithfulness. You need to invest in your future if you want to live a miracle life that sees the impossible, big dreams happen.

Too many people stop short of their God-given dreams. They start with great intentions, ideas of the future and perhaps even a support network of family and friends, but they fizzle out. They pray for just a little bit and then stop. Keep going. Diligence with natural things opens the door to receive more responsibility with supernatural things.

2. Pray big and take risks

If we want the God-sized miracles, we need to pray big prayers. Small prayers achieve modest results. Big, courageous prayers that take faith to verbalize produce abundant supply. God’s blessings for us are limited only by us, not by His resources, power or willingness to give. If we don’t take risks, we won’t be embarrassed or rejected, but we also won’t succeed in doing the unthinkable.

The first level of risk-taking is asking large prayers. Ask something so big that only God can do it. He can handle your requests and even add to what you ask! Refuse to be limited or stopped by any obstacle, person or opinion that threatens to restrict your God-given dream.


This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

To read more on Pastor Frank's blog click here.

To learn more about Frank and read Pastor Frank's sermons click here.

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