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A Good Worker is Hard to Find

By: Lisa Fife

The Internet is a very valuable tool for both job seekers and employers alike. Every week thousands of job seekers visit the web looking for their next job opportunity. Posting your job online greatly broadens your reach to help you find the right person for your open position. ChristianJobs.com takes it one step further, with specializing in matching up Christian ministries, non-profits, and businesses like yours, with job seekers that share your Christian values. We reach candidates across the country that have the passion to serve others through their work with an organization like yours!

Posting your job on ChristianJobs, also gives you the flexibility to search for qualified candidates on your time. In addition to receiving applicants from your job posting, when you post your job, you will also gain access to our extensive resume database, to search for candidates to fill your open positions.

When posting your job online, here are a few tips to make the most of your posting:

1. Clearly outline the job description, qualifications, expectations and requirements for the position.

2. Share a little information about your organization, including your mission, values, and company culture. Help the job seeker get a good idea if they will be a good fit with your organization.

3. Give instruction on your preference for the process of application. Do you wish applicants to use the online application system or email their resume and cover letter to a specific address? What additional information do you desire with their application?

Posting your job online also gives you additional great benefits during the hiring process. Our system allows you to easily track your applicants, follow up with applicants, and save other interested candidates you wish to contact. ChristianJobs offers other valuable resources, including hiring tips, candidate assessments and background check services.

Posting your job is easy. To begin, start here.
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