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  • How to Have Lasting Impact Through Your Talents

    by Guy Hatcher
    We live in a world surrounded by “over-the-top” talented and gifted people. Sometimes this reality can cause us to experience feelings of inadequacy, moments of insecurity and questions of what good enough really means and does what we have to give really matter. The answer to all is a resounding Yes. God gave you the talents and gifts you possess with purpose in mind. Have you ever noticed the joy and satisfaction that well-up from ...   Read More
  • What a Leader Does

    by Dr. James Emery White
    What is it, exactly, that a leader does? We are bombarded with directives to be leaders and lead our church, and we’re told that everything rises and falls on leadership… okay, what does that actually mean? I was once challenged to pull together a description of what being a leader actually involves on a day-in, day-out basis. I found it to be an intriguing exercise because, in truth, most leadership books talk about how to do certain ...   Read More
  • 2 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

    by Nivine Richie
    Schools are soon in session and fall small groups are preparing to launch. In classrooms across the country, people will step into leadership roles—some for the first time, others having served so many times they’ve lost count. You may not be a school teacher or a Bible study leader, but you are a leader in some area of your life. Maybe you’re a parent or grandparent. Maybe you’re a friend or mentor to ...   Read More
  • A Call for Meaning in Our Work

    by Dr. Jim Thrasher
    “Calling” for Meaning In Our Work The first job I ever wanted was to be a “garbage man,” as that is what I called it at age five. I would run out to the curb each week when the garbage truck came. The garbage man would greet me with a big smile and say, “How are you, Jimmy?” It was exceedingly apparent that this man had a positive attitude while performing what most would call a smelly, repetitive, and ...   Read More
  • The Christ-Centered Employer

    by Paul Tautges
    In yesterday’s post, we considered what it means to be a Christ-centered employee. Today, let’s continue on the theme of work by focusing on the Scriptural instructions to employers: Masters, do the same to them, and stop your threatening, knowing that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven and that there is no partiality with him (v. 9). The Apostle provides three directions to those who are privileged to own a ...   Read More
  • 6 Ways to Leave a Legacy of Generosity

    by Timothy L. Smith
    I recently had the privilege of sitting down with David Green, CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby Stores. David and his family are widely considered among the most generous families in the U.S. with regard to funding faith-based projects. David is a delightful man, and in addition to leading one of the greatest businesses in America, he truly sees himself as an agent, helping non-profit organizations accomplish their missions. His new ...   Read More
  • How Do You Lead?

    by Ron Walters
    I was intrigued by an article in Preaching Magazine last month. I found myself standing up, pacing, reading aloud, making notes, and shouting, "Halle-glory and Praise-eluja." Some things do that to me. This was one of them. O.S. Hawkins' article took me inside a question that Christ asked his staff. Actually, two questions; one on Public Consensus ("Who do men say that I am?"), and the other on Personal Conviction ("Who do you say ...   Read More
  • The Fuzziness of a Healthy Team

    by Ron Edmondson
    Clarity is often king in organizational dynamics. Clear communication is vital for healthy teams. A huge part of my job as a leader is to help people understand our vision and where we are going next to try to realize it (as well as I know at the time). While this is true there is a paradox when it comes to clarity and organizational health. Some things are actually fuzzy on a healthy team. Indistinct. Muddled. Unclear. As strange as that seems ...   Read More
  • 12 Ways to Discover Your Leadership Style

    by Whitney Hopler
    Leadership isn’t meant to be approached as a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Since God made you with a distinctive personality and gave you unique gifts and passions, you have a certain style of leadership that fits you best. When you lead in that style and work together with others who are operating in their own leadership styles, you all can lead your church or other organization to accomplish great goals. Here’s how you can discover your ...   Read More
  • Leader or Manager?

    by Ron Walters
    On the surface they're alike; cold, delicious and fattening. The price is the same; the containers identical, their purpose is one. Yet, no self-respecting ice cream gourmet would be neutral on the subject. Chocolate or vanilla? Leadership or management? It's the same dilemma. On the surface, there's a striking resemblance. Like a person's two hands: the color is the same, number of fingers match, but the thumbs are on opposite sides. It's ...   Read More