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7 Definitions for Stellar Leadership

By: Ron Edmondson

Leadership is abuzz these days. Everyone is talking about it, yet it appears many organizations and churches are consistently looking for leadership. In my conversations with other churches, people want to know how to find, attract, and train leaders. Apparently it is far easier to call oneself a leader than it is to actually be a leader.

Perhaps we need to do a better job distinguishing what leadership actually means. Without great definitions of leadership, we almost need to talk about what makes up great leadership. I wonder if there is leadership…the kind anyone can do…and there is stellar leadership…the kind only great leaders provide.

The word stellar means: pertaining to a preeminent performer…or…outstanding or immense…

Isn’t this the kind of leadership we are seeking?  Stellar leadership?

I am still a leader in training…not sure when I’ll “get there”, but I know I’m not looking to be an average leader. I want to be a stellar leader.

With that in mind, here are 7 definitions I think we find in stellar leadership: (The words are mine, but I got the definition from dictionary.com)

Consistency - steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form,etc

Follow-through the act of continuing a plan, project, or the like to its completion

Respectableworthy of respect or esteem

Truthfulness - telling the truth, especially habitually

Valor boldness or determination in facing great danger; courage

Trustworthydeserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable

Authentic not false or copied; genuine; real

In my opinion, stellar leaders would possess ALL of these attributes.


This article was originally published at www.ronedmondson.com/

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