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3 Fundamental Qualities of Core Leaders

By: Guy Hatcher

Every day we see examples of leadership. Some leaders lead boldly while others lead quietly. I am often asked, “How can I become a strong leader within my sphere of influence?” This question has never been more relevant than it is today, as most would agree our nation, communities and families are void of strong leadership. There are three fundamental qualities that link all great leaders.

1. Foundational Core Values - Core values are not just principles or standards by which to live. They shape your character and help you shape the foundation of your family.  So much so, they become the essence of your legacy.

For me personally, one of my core values is faith. I desire to live a life that reflects the essence of God in all I do.  Simply naming faith as one of my values will not get me to the final goal of living a Christ-like faith. I now have to claim it as one of my identifying values. Then I must put effort and intention into becoming a person of faith.

2. Strong Core BeliefsYour core beliefs are shaped after identifying and becoming intentional in living out your values. Every decision whether it is conscious or sub-conscious is driven by the beliefs you accept as real and right for your life.  

Let’s return to the above example of faith as one of my foundational core values. My faith is built upon a confidence or trust in God above all else and all others. Because my faith is in God and not man I am able to believe in the best of others without fear of their disappointing or hurting me. My heart’s desire is to please God, not man. In my relationship with my family, I live out my faith in God by showing them the character of Christ through the way I demonstrate my love and affirmation. 

3. Influential Character ChoicesPersonal character choices are influenced by the values and core beliefs you determine.The choices that make up your character are likened to your fingerprint; they define for the world what is most important to you and the things on which you stand. The values and core beliefs that establish your character essentially determine and define your brand; how others see you.

Think of the name of a close friend or a spouse; now reflect on the first images that enter your mind. In thinking about my wife, the first impressions that come to my mind are: a heart of mercy, unconditional love, faithfulness and a servant’s heart. These are the same characteristics I see in our heavenly Father. So, in my opinion, she has great “brand identity our children and others are blessed to experience.

Often, in my younger years when I saw a great leader who was masterful at communication and utilizing and building their team at a high capacity, I desired to be like them. The challenge for me was I wanted to get to the place where they were by following three easy steps and I quickly learned it didn’t work that way!

Strong leadership begins from within and it takes years of living an intentional, disciplined life lead by a servant’s heart. It begins with identifying your values; shaping your core beliefs and sharpening your character choices to have God-given influence.

If you have not reviewed or identified your core values please go to my website guyhatcher.com. There, you will receive a free value’s assessment tool to help you and your family begin the process of defining the three fundamental qualities of core leaders.

As we enter this New Year, join me in striving to become the leader our world desperately needs. Let us make a New Year’s resolution to take our nation, communities and families back- one leader at a time.

Guy Hatcher: The Legacy Guy® – passionately coaches individuals and families in how to live a life filled with purpose while building a strong legacy that will deeply influence present and future generations. Follow him on Facebook: @Guy Hatcher, Instagram: @Guy Hatcher, Twitter @guyhatcher or contact him at www.guyhatcher.com


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